Sunday, August 3, 2008

Keeping Up With Hekhsher Tzedek

Friday 8/29/2008

5WPR, busted for impersonating a Rabbi and grassroots Jewish organization, issues four sentence apology, Essential Estrogen
5W apologizes, Failed Messiah

Thursday 8/28/2008

Postville revisited, Jewish Light

Tuesday 8/26/2008

Agudath Israel Said to Oppose Hekhsher Tzedek, Yeshiva World

Monday 8/25/2008

Kashrut the Business, Kashrut the Ethical Aesthetic, The Gris Mill

Sunday 8/24/2008

Guest Column: Governor-Agriprocessors must operate responsibly, Des Moines Register
RCA Doublespeak, Failed Messiah

Saturday 8/23/2008

Exploring the ethical meaning of kosher food, Baltimore Sun
Rabbis Debate Kosher Ethics at Meat Plant, The Ledger
Rabbis Debate Kosher Ethics at Meat Plant, Dharma Cafe
Debating Kosher Ethics,

Friday 8/22/2008

Rabbis Debate Kosher Ethics at Meat Plant, New York Times
Keeping Kosher Food Kosher,
Kosher Meat, Mom, What's For Dinner

Thursday 8/21/2008

Plant sets a poor example, Jewish Light Online

Kosher ’social seal’ catching on in Israel, Iowa Independent
Lubinsky, Star-K, OU, Hekhsher Tzedek on NPR, Failed Messiah

Wednesday 8/20/2008

Hekhsher Tzedek: Theory and Practice, Jewish Press
Support Grows to Change Kosher Rules, Minnesota Public Radio

Tuesday 8/19/2008

In Israel, kosher extends beyond the kitchen, Christian Science Monitor
Israeli Version Of Hechsher Tzedek Grows Exponentially, Failed Messiah
When Kosher isn't kosher, Jew World Order
The kosher trade - the good, the bad and the ugly,
In Israel, an ethical seal catches on, Jew and Carrot

Monday 8/18/2008

Every Bite We Take,

Sunday 8/17/2008

Every breath we take, every bite we eat, JPost

Saturday 8/16/2008

Protection sought for kosher-plant workers,
‘Certificate of righteousness’ applies kosher justice to workers, Maryland Daily Record
Beyond Kosher, Concord Monitor

Friday 8/15/2008

A Broader Definition of Kosher, Cleveland Jewish News
Agriprocessors is only a pretext,
Kosher Gate, The Cuban Revolution
A Kosher Way to Treat Employees? CNN International
Is being kosher about the way you treat your workers as well what you eat? , Haaretz

Thursday 8/14/2008

Kosher concept comes under scrutiny, New Zealand Herald
Kosher Fight Turns Rabbis on Each Other, Forward
Exploiting Undocumented Workers Exploits Judaism, Jewcy
More Pressure on Agriprocessors, Workplace Prof Blog
You are what you eat, New Jersey Jewish News
Hekhsher Tzedek III, This is Babylon
Heksher Tzedek, Jpost Talkback

Wednesday 8/13/2008

US Rabbi Aims to Enhance Kosher Conditions, Ynet
Object Lesson, The Jewish Press
Re-thinking Kosher, Ani Talmidah
Those who keep kosher should support HT, Facebook

Tuesday 8/12/2008

Nation Briefing, Daily Herald
Agriprocessors: An Inside View, Emes Ve-Emunah
Herzfeld v. Lewin, Round 2, JTA
A 'kosher' way to treat employees? The St. Lou Jew
Erica's Notes: Twisted Web,
Kosher Employment, HR Lori
The Other Shoe Drops: Updates to Previous Posts, The Stiletto

Monday 8/11/2008

Slaughterhouse case fuels kosher justice movement, Associated Press
Slaughterhouse case fuels kosher justice movement, Haaretz Slaughterhouse case fuels kosher justice movement, ABC News
Worker Abuse At Nation's Biggest Kosher Slaughterhouse Prompts Ethics Debate, The Huffington Post
Slaughterhouse case fuels kosher justice movement, Faith in Focus
My 6th Sense, Kosher Today
Kosher with a conscience, Sue's Place
Route 17: The Games of Tisha B'Av, New York Jewish Week
Caso de matadero de aves alimenta movimiento judío de justicia,
Orthodox Rabbis Criticized over Postville, Boston Globe

Sunday 8/10/2008

The Forward judges Rubashkins' character, Jewschool

Friday, 8/8/2008

JVNA Newsletter
Rabbis, Activists Fight to Make Iowa Workers' Conditions "Kosher", The Huffington Post
What Tisha B’Av Can Teach Us About AgriProcessors, Jewcy

Thursday, 8/7/2008

Interfaith Voices Podcast, EveryZing (Start playing at 0:37:21)
Kosher Gets Political, Awearness Blog
New Ethical Certification for kosher food, Boys in the Band
The Rabbis Visit Postville: Evidence vs Innuendo, APRPEH
USCJ releases guidelines for ethical kosher certification, The Jewish Advocate

Wednesday, 8/6/2008

A Tale of Two Cities, Rabbi Pinchos Lipschutz
Hekhsher Tzedek Project, KLD Blog
Keeping Kosher, The New York Jewish Week
What Does Kosher Mean, Camp Ramah New England

Tuesday, 8/5/2008

Conservatives release guidelines for ethical kashrut certification, Jewish Journal
New Kosher Certification Implicates Employment Conditions, Storm's California Employment Law
RJ Lashes out at "Kosher-nostra", The Kvetcher

Monday, 8/4/2008

A Rabbi's World: Hekhsher Tzedek, Early Childhood Education and a Few Other Things, The New York Jewish Week
August Newsletter, Jewish Vegetarians of North America
Jews protest, boycott Agriprocessor products, Kashrut certification evolves, Writes Like She Talks

Sunday, 8/3/2008

Hekhsher Tzedek,
Hekhsher Tzedek's Animal Welfare Guidelines, Heeb'n'vegan
USCJ Compact for AV, Conservative Jew by Rabbi Jonathan Ginsberg

Saturday, 8/2/2008

Are You Ethically Kosher?, Beliefnet Windows and Doors
Citgo Gasoline Now Under Hekhsher Tzedek, Creedmoorer Chassidus

Friday, 8/1/2008

Abuse of Workers and Animals: Is it Kosher?, Balter's Blog
Certificate of Righteousness, The Stop Shopping Monitor
Closer eye sought on kosher food industry,
Conservative "Ethical" Hekhsher Tzedek Kosher Standards, From the Exile
Conservative Jewish Leaders Propose New Kosher Rules, Jewy News
Conservatives seeking 'ethical kashrut' certificate, Jerusalem Post
Exploitation isn't Kosher, World and Global Politics Blog
Getzel Rubashkin Smears Conservative Jews, Failed Messiah
Introducing the Kosher Seal of Justice, In the Meantime
The Kosher Fight for Justice, Jewcy
Marching to End a National Disgrace, Jewschool
Minnesota-Conservative Hekhsher Tzedek Guidelines for Kosher Food Released, Voz is Neias
New: Shmiras Halashon Voting, Kosher Blog
Orthodox Jews Try to Reason With Lubavich Owners and Get Nowhere, The Problems with the Lubavich
Postville, Rabbi Debora S. Gordon
Proposed Kosher Certification Rules, New York Times
USCJ Issues Hekhsher Tzedek Guidelines, In the Moment

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